‘Truly beautiful’ photos show beauty in a sea of plastic

By Caroline Macdonald, BBC News Magazine”It’s beautiful to see the world through the eyes of someone who has lived it,” said the Duchess of Sussex, who has been making the trip to the United States and Europe this week to meet celebrities.

“And I think there’s something incredibly touching about seeing a world that is beautiful through their eyes, their life.”‘

I love beauty’The Duchess of Cambridge, Duchess of York, and Prince Harry attended a ceremony in Washington DC to commemorate the signing of the Paris Climate Agreement (AFP Photo/Jim Watson)But they also found themselves talking about their own journeys.

“I love the beauty of the ocean,” said Prince Harry.

“I love how we can all feel together in that ocean.”

The Duchess was one of five members of the royal family who took part in the UN’s landmark climate summit in Bonn, Germany, on Friday, in a move that could mark the start of a global accord on climate change.

The summit aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from all sources by 2020, with the aim of bringing a world free from climate change by the end of the century.

The British royals were joined by the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince William.

The Royal family is not the only British royal to have visited the US in recent years.

In November, Prince Harry’s family was photographed in Washington with the US president, Donald Trump, as he met with environmental leaders.

“This is one of those moments where you’re feeling the warmth and love, but at the same time the darkness of the world,” said Kate Middleton, Duchess Beatrice.

“He just said: ‘We have to get to work’.”

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