Which Beauty Actress Is the Real Sexiest?

Beautiful House, the upcoming film by Valentino Beauty Pure, stars Natalie Portman, Angelina Jolie, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, and Eva Longoria.

The film has a $40 million budget, and looks set to be a huge hit.

It also stars Nicole Kidman and Michael B. Jordan.

But which of these three is the most beautiful?

We asked our Beauty Cast members for their top 10.

“She has the best body of all the actresses in this movie,” says Nicole Kidmans.

“There is no other actress in this film with her body.”

Angelina and Julianne also have good bodies, but their bodies are less toned than Kidman’s and Jordan’s.

“Nicole Kidman has a body that’s really very, very toned,” says Natalie Portmans.

But Kidman says, “It’s not as sexy as Julianne and Angelina’s bodies.”

“There’s a lot of effort put into my body,” says Julianne.

“But they don’t really care about it.”

And Kidman adds, “I think they like to see me in a suit, because I look like a real professional.”

“Natalie Portman has the worst body of the women in this picture,” says Angelina.

“I mean, I love my body, but it’s so fake.”

The other two actresses, Natalie and Juliannes, have a great body, too, but Natalie has a bigger, rounder chest.

“They are all very, really big, but I think they have the worst bodies in the movie,” Natalie says.

“Their bodies are too big.

I have such a tight waistline.”

(Angelina is a big girl, too.)

“I don’t know if you can see their boobs, but they are so small that they are very, big,” Julianne says.

“[Natalie and Juliannnes] are so pretty, but for some reason they are really, really, big.

That’s the difference between them and me.”

“They have this really, super skinny figure,” says Kidman.

“It looks so natural.

But their figure is just really, very, thin.

And it looks so fake.

It’s a little bit of a problem.”

“We are all in our own little worlds and I am in my own little world,” says Jordan.

“Julianne is my girlfriend, and she is so beautiful and I like her, but my body is just not that way.

I’m a very skinny girl and my body just feels really small.”

“The most gorgeous thing about this movie is the women,” says Jennifer Lopez.

“These are women who look beautiful and sexy, but also who are very attractive and sexy.

And their bodies, I think, are just beautiful.”

“I love Julianne,” says Michael Bregoli.

“This movie is about the beautiful, but she has such a beautiful, huge body.

Her body is very sexy.”

“Julienne is a very talented actress, but there is a part of her that is not as talented as Julianna, because she is not the best actress in the world,” Natalie Portmanteau says.

She adds, “[Julianna] is just too good.

She’s so beautiful.”

Angeline Jolie adds, “(Juliann) is so sexy and glamorous, and so gorgeous.”

“She is so good looking, but her body is not beautiful,” says Vanessa Hudgens.

“You would like to feel like you are her, you would like your body to look good.”

“When she’s nude, I feel like I’m really looking at her body, and I’m not thinking about anything but her,” says Kelly Macdonald.

“And she’s so good at her job.”

And for the other two, Angeline and Julianna have an easy, natural body.

“Angelina and [Juliannes] have a really beautiful body,” Jennifer says.

(They’re both blonde.)

“Nina [Kidman] is a really, incredibly beautiful woman,” says Kate Hudson.

“Because she is a woman of beauty, she has an amazing body.

And she is just beautiful, and beautiful, beautiful, amazing.”

“Nicola Kidman is the best looking woman in the film,” says Portman.

But “Nicolas body is so fake,” she says.

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