What do Japanese beauty and forest lovers really want?

Japanese beauty lovers are calling for more rainforest protection and more protected areas.

The new survey, by the Japanese Ministry of Environment and Forestry, found that 77% of respondents think the rainforests should be protected, compared with 57% who support this idea.

It also found that 71% of Japanese people would like to see a government-backed project to save rainforesters, up from 56% in 2015.

The survey also found a slight uptick in support for a rainforest conservation law in Japan.

Just 17% of people supported the law, compared to 46% in 2019.

The poll found that more than 80% of residents would like more rainforester protection.

This is the highest level of support for rainforest preservation in a poll of over 1,000 people in Japan, the Ministry of Environmental and Forestry said in a statement.

About half of those surveyed said they were willing to pay more to protect rainforest sites.

The poll also found about 40% of those who voted for an extension of the rainforest law in 2018 supported a hike in the amount of rainforest protected in 2020.