The beauty industry’s new fad is a sex doll

A sex doll has been launched in the UK after a £500,000 campaign to sell more dolls.

The company behind the doll, Maximus, says the product will bring “a freshness and quality of life” to women and “provide a new platform for women to have fun”.

The dolls will be sold online and in stores.

The company, based in London, says it hopes the dolls will help women “make better decisions about the way they live their lives”.

It has been estimated that the UK’s sex doll market is worth £2.5bn ($3.4bn) a year.

The dolls are designed to replicate the features of women’s bodies.

They have silicone lips and eyes, and are said to be “perfect for girls with a little bit of extra weight”.

Maximus, which was founded by three women in the US in 2014, says that the dolls can help women feel “in control of their own bodies” and that “no other doll will do what Maximus can”.

The company is selling the dolls in stores, and the dolls, in an online catalogue, cost between £49 and £99.

They are currently being sold in London and in the cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, but a nationwide launch is planned.

Maximus says it has received “over $1m in sales” and hopes to have 500 dolls on the market by 2019.

The campaign was started by a group of women who say they are unhappy with their lives.

They started a petition on, asking for dolls that were more realistic and better suited to their physical appearance, and hoped to raise money to help them.

The doll, which will be called Maximus 2.0, has a 3D printed silicone face, body and head, which they hope will help them “re-balance” their lives in the future.

It is being made by the company Maximus UK, and Maximus US.

Maximimus UK is currently based in New York.

The US company says it will be making a “strong” bid for the dolls. 

The company says its aim is to “provid[e] a safe, natural and easy-to-use, fun, empowering and fun environment for all women”.

It says the dolls are made from a blend of human and animal skin, including “surgical silicone” which is “safe for the environment, and safe for consumers”.

Maximus UK is also working with the US Food and Drug Administration to “ensure the safe, legal use of silicone in our dolls”.

The group of people who started the petition said they hope that the doll will help “give women the confidence to explore their body more freely, to become confident about their sexuality and to feel empowered by the choices they make”.

In the petition, they said that “a sex doll that has realistic features and an attractive face will not only enhance the life of women but will help to raise the profile of sex dolls in the world”.

They also said that the women “are asking for more affordable, fun and affordable sex dolls”.

In a statement, Maximus said: “It’s important that we support women who feel they can make better choices in their personal lives.

Sex dolls are great for girls but they are also great for adults.

We are committed to making sure we can make sure that this is the case.” 

The doll’s creators say that their dolls will have a range of “unique” features, and that they are trying to “deliver a unique experience for women”.

The campaign has been met with mixed reactions from women, who say the dolls don’t look like they are sex toys and that the company should have made them more realistic. 

Some women said that they felt the dolls were too realistic and “too expensive”, while others said they felt that they looked too much like dolls.

“I’m not a fan of these,” said one woman, who said she felt the doll looked like “a big, fat, dead body”.

A spokeswoman for the company said that it is working to meet the demands of the women and that it was working with “companies, charities and health experts” to find a suitable replacement for the existing dolls.

They said the dolls have been “reimagined” to look more like “real people” and said that there were “no restrictions” on the number of dolls that could be sold.

They also say that they have created a “sex doll industry” in the USA that has “a long history of bringing great, affordable sex toys to girls”.

In 2016, a company called Maxis Toys was launched in Australia.

The products include sex dolls and dolls that have been designed to look like “the characters in your favourite TV shows”.

In 2017, Maxis Dolls was launched at a New York Toy Fair.

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