How to win over the Indian audience

The first batch of contestants on India’s first beauty school competition, The Beauty School, were all from India.

The winner is from New Delhi, and the runner-up is from Bengaluru.

The contestants in the competition have come from a wide range of backgrounds and have excelled at the art of beauty, with one of the girls being a fashion designer. 

The contestants have come up with ideas for how to make India look good, and what to look for in a potential new bride, said the school’s founder, Rishi Sharma.

The idea is that by looking for the perfect bride in the ideal location, you’ll get the best of both worlds.

The beauty school will take place from December 15 to 19. 

According to the school website, the school aims to teach the students about the fundamentals of beauty. 

“There are a number of topics that the students will be able to learn through their study,” Sharma said.

“The most important of these is how to look beautiful without makeup.

They will learn how to put makeup on their face, how to wear makeup without makeup, and how to achieve their desired look. 

A variety of products will be available for students to purchase for their skin.”

There will be several different classes and competitions, and it’s not yet clear how much money will be spent on the project.

The beauty school is funded through a donation from a local NGO. 

But for now, the students are just looking for girls to be in the running for the title of beauty school champ.