Ulta Beauty is changing its beauty brand with a new look

The beauty brand Ulta has unveiled a new beauty line that is expected to revolutionise beauty, with its new beauty brands Sally Beauty and Sally Beauty Hours, and a new line of skincare products.

“Ulta Beauty has always been about the creative power of people,” says Sally Beauty’s CEO, Melissa Tish.

“In 2018, we are reimagining the way people live their lives by empowering them to look their best in every way.”

The new Sally Beauty line will be launched in stores starting today, while the new Sally Hair and Beauty range will also be available online.

“Our vision for Sally Beauty was to create a lifestyle that celebrates beauty and makes a difference,” Tish says.

“We want to be the next beauty powerhouse, the next leader in the beauty industry.”

Sally Beauty will include a range of beauty essentials, skincares, and makeup and hair products.

The new range includes a new face-perfecting cream that has been inspired by the beauty brand Sally Beauty hours, and the new hair product, Sally Beauty Hair Tonic, which is a combination of a hair conditioner and a facial wash.

The line is also expected to be available in stores and online in September 2018.

Sally Beauty Hours and Sally Hair Tons are now available for pre-order online, with pre-orders for the new lines expected to start shipping in mid-2019.

The new Sally Salon is expected launch in September. 

The new brand Sally Hair & Beauty Hour has also launched, with the first salons to launch to customers in 2018 being Ulta’s own Ulta Salon and the Beauty Lounge. 

“The Beauty Lounge was designed for our customers to have the most of their time at Ulta, and they will be able to experience our incredible range of luxury beauty products and services with a more relaxed and personal touch,” Sally Beauty founder and CEO, Annabelle Tashkin says. 

Ulta’s Sally Beauty & Beauty Salon and Beauty Lounge are both available in store and online. 

Sally Hair & Cosmetics is now available to pre-pay online and at Ultas Ulta store, and is available in select Ulta stores across Australia, and will also launch online.

The Sally Salon and Salon Lounge have been rebranded as Ulta Hair and Hair Cosmetics, which are available online and in stores. 

With a focus on making the world a better place, Ulta will also make more investments to ensure it remains relevant in the coming years.

“We want our customers and our employees to feel at home at Ultaboys,” Tashin says.

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