How to make a beautiful dress for Christmas

It is a time to give thanks and celebrate the birthdays of loved ones.

Here is how you can make a fabulous dress that can give you the best of both worlds.


Decorate your Christmas tree with Christmas lights 1.

Make a Christmas tree ornament from a lighted candle, tin, or card.


Wrap the tree with fabric and decorate it with snow or a light-up Christmas tree.


Tie a knot in the top of the tree to make the tree stand upright.


Place the tree in front of your home and decorately decorate with glitter or a sparkle.


Add a card to your Christmas card, with a Christmas card inside.


Add glitter, sparkles, ornaments, or other decorations.


Put a card on top of your door to keep the lights on for a festive home.


Take a picture of your decorated tree.


Add stickers or decorations to the Christmas tree to decorate your home.


Change the decorations for the winter season to match your home décor.


Put Christmas lights in your home to add some festive flair to your home decor.


Put glitter, or a bright Christmas card in your Christmas cards to add festive flair.


Add sparkles or a tree to your bedroom window.


Add decorations to your kitchen window.


Add snowflakes or glitter to your curtains.


Add your own special touch to your tree ornamented Christmas tree for a beautiful gift!

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