When Huda Beauty Supply will offer beauty supply website, online, and in-store for a limited time

Huda beauty supply is launching a beauty supply store online and in store in Dubai, in what is the first time the beauty supply company has launched a beauty store online in the UAE.

Huda Beauty, which was founded in 2012, said that it would open a beauty shop in the country, which is home to the United Arab Emirates, in early 2019.

The beauty supply shop is set to open in the Al Ain neighborhood of Dubai in mid-2019, and it will be located next to the popular Huda boutique, which opened in 2015.

Huda is also looking to open a second beauty supply business in Dubai.

According to Huda, the beauty store will offer high-end products in its stores, and the cosmetics department will offer new and innovative products.

The beauty department also plans to launch new beauty products in the future.

Hudaya beauty products are formulated to help achieve the best skin and hair appearance and will be available in its own beauty line, Huda said.

The Huda cosmetics line has already sold over 5 million beauty products.

Hudayas beauty products will be priced at around RM20-25 each.

According the company, the cosmetic department will also be expanding, and Huda aims to open more beauty stores in the near future.

The company plans to open 10 beauty supply stores in UAE and abroad by the end of 2019.