Microsoft says Cortana will be a ‘powerful and beautiful’ assistant in Halo 5

Microsoft has confirmed Cortana will feature in the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians expansion pack.

The developer also revealed the full list of additions that Halo 5’s Cortana will have to offer.

The full list includes the ability to use the voice assistant as a key item in the Halo 5 campaign, new AI-controlled AI, new gameplay modes, new weapons and more.

“Today we’re announcing the Halo Five: Guardians Cortana expansion pack, which includes some of the most exciting additions to Halo 5 in the past year, including the ability for Cortana to interact with players in the same way that Halo 4 players interact with Halo 4’s AI,” Microsoft said.

“Cortana’s new abilities will allow you to control your characters, customize your weapons, and take on more complex tasks with the Cortana Companion.”

The Halo 5 Halo 5 Guardians expansion will release on October 27 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows PC and Mac, and the Windows 10 version.

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