Black Beauty Shop’s Sleeping Beauty Box: ‘We’ve been waiting for a year to do this’

Black, a luxury cosmetics and fragrance store, has opened a second store in Australia.

The new store, which opens this month, is the first in Australia to cater to Asian-Australian consumers.

Black BeautyShop, which opened its first store in Brisbane last year, will offer Asian-made products including beauty products, skincare and skin care, in addition to cosmetics and perfume.

Owner and founder Sam Kim said the store was inspired by the Asian American community in Australia, and wanted to offer customers the opportunity to experience the diverse range of Asian products that have been popularised in the country.

“We’ve had a very long time to wait, and we’re really excited about opening up our second store, and trying to bring our Asian American customers into our stores,” Ms Kim said.

“This is our second shop in Australia and we are also very excited about this opening in the coming weeks.”

The Black Beauty shop is located at 909 Melbourne Street, in Melbourne’s west, between Central and Granville Streets.

Its location is not as close to the city centre as its sister store, Beauty Shop 3, which is also on the corner of Central and Bondi Streets, but closer to the Melbourne Art Gallery.

The Black beauty shop, which has a large Asian American and Pacific Islander population, has had a successful launch in Australia through a limited run of products.AAP/ABC

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