What’s next for the French?

Parisian streetwear brand La Sportiva is the latest fashion brand to release a stunning, yet stylish collection of dresses.

The collection is the first La Sportivas collection to be exclusively available online.

The French brand launched its first-ever range of fashion-forward dresses in 2016, and since then it has expanded into more exclusive and limited styles. 

La Sportiva’s new collection is a beautiful mix of contemporary design and retro fashion. 

Beautiful agony is an elegant, retro, and modern look inspired by a mix of vintage, streetwear, and high fashion.

The line is crafted in collaboration with French streetwear icon La Sportivia’s designer, Fabrice Bussoni, and includes dresses with geometric shapes, vintage motifs, and classic, contemporary touches.

The dresses are priced from $350 to $550, depending on the length of the dress. 

I love the fact that La Sportivisme chose to use only vintage inspired fabrics in their collection, and it makes for a very unique look. 

The brand is a part of the French street fashion movement and they have been making a splash in the world of fashion since they first launched their collection back in 2015. 

There’s no word on whether or not they’ll be continuing the trend with new dresses, but I’d be curious to see if this new collection was a good fit for La Sportivans brand. 

This collection is available now on the French site La Sportivea.com for a price of $350. 

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What’s next on your shopping list?

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