‘Beautiful people’ lyrics: Ireland celebrates the beauty of the Irish people

‘Beauty and Beyond’ lyrics celebrating Ireland’s beauty have been posted on Facebook in support of the recent decision by the country’s National Assembly to ban face coverings in public spaces.

The song, titled ‘Beautifully’, is the first Irish music video released under the banner of ‘Beautys’ group.

It is also the first video featuring the song in full.

The video was filmed in the Republic of Ireland, where the song was banned for its depiction of a woman with a pierced nose.

The video was shot in the village of Ballymote, on the west coast of the island of Ireland.

In its entirety, the video is 3.3 minutes and 35 seconds.

The music video was released on Wednesday, with the lyric ‘Beautily, I know you are beautiful’ being sung by a woman and a man on a boat, with a woman singing along.

In the song, the woman is shown wearing a headscarf with the caption: ‘Beauties of the South and West are beautiful and beyond’.

The song’s lyrics, which were first written by Irish writer and singer Aimee Higgins, have been widely shared on social media.

“Beautiful, I don’t know why I don´t love you, but I feel like I can’t live without you,” she sings in the song.

The group’s song is in support a decision by Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar to remove face covering in public places from March 10, when the National Assembly passed a motion banning face cover in public buildings.

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