Sally Beauty Supply is now selling Sally Beauty Kit, Sally Beauty Collection

Sally Beauty, a beauty company founded in the UK in 1871, is now available on Amazon in Australia.

It’s been sold to a third party who plans to make it available to consumers in the US, the UK, the US Virgin Islands, and Canada.

The company has made an offer to the retailer, which will see it become available for purchase from January 1.

The deal is being done as part of a wider move to remove artificial ingredients from cosmetics.

Sally Beauty had been a popular brand of cosmetics before it was bought by Johnson & Johnson, a division of Johnson & Johnson, in 2013.

Sally Beauty’s Beauty Kit includes a range of cosmetics, as well as skin care products, face wash, and more.

The Beauty Kit is a product of the company’s extensive beauty line, which includes a line of face and body creams, a line with face masks, and an line of facial oils.

While Sally Beauty has been a great beauty brand, the Beauty Kit’s launch was a little surprising.

A lot of people who have bought the Beauty Kits before, such as former beauty queen Samantha Bee, have found that they didn’t seem to like the smell of the ingredients.

So I decided to put a new smell into the products I use, and so did my husband.

This product smells great.

And we love the smell.

As part of the deal, Sally has also sold a line called Sally Beauty’s Specials that is sold in the same package.

But unlike the Beauty kits, which can be purchased individually, these special versions can be ordered individually for $79.99 (about AU$119).

Sleek, but not too bright.

What do you think?

Is Sally Beauty Beauty Supply worth it?

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