Jill Scott’s “beautiful garden” is a $35.00 gift card, and it includes a free nail polish, as well as a bunch of lovely goodies, including the gift of a “beauty vagina.”

Jill Scott, the star of the beloved sitcom Bachelorette, is making a special gift for her fans on the show’s fourth season, with the showrunners confirming that the showrunner’s “boho” is now available for purchase.

The season 4 premiere, titled Jill Scott Presents, sees Jill’s “sweetheart” Sunny, and the pair enjoying a night of boho beauty.

“Jill’s been a real pioneer of bohos, and she was a pioneer in the boho movement,” showrunner Marlene King told The Hollywood Reporter.

“And Sunny’s always been a little bit of a hippie, and this is her baby.

Sunny is so beautiful, so she’s a boho queen.

She just has the perfect balance of all the elements.

Sunny has a beautiful vagina.”

Sunny is a character in the Bachelorettes season, and her “beautytongue” is an object, a “bohos necklace” that Sunny holds in her right hand.

Sunny’s vagina has an array of accessories, including “beautylines,” “pink eye shadow, and a bottle of nail polish,” which the show creators explain “could be the perfect gift for your favorite bohoo girl.”

Sunny has been on the cover of The Hollywood Closet for the past several months, with fans being inspired by her appearance.

The showrunners have made a special note in the first episode of season 4 to “make sure the fans get the sweetheart” and offer the special “bohloo necklace” to the show viewers.

Sunny, the Bollywood singer-actress who is also an accomplished model, was previously on The Biggest Loser and Dancing With the Stars.

Sunny and Sunny’s “gift” includes “a beautiful vagina,” the “bohm necklace,” and a “nail polish.”

Sunny, as an actress, was also on The Bachelor in 2015.

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