What to wear to celebrate Fenty Beauty’s birthday

Fenty beauty has been celebrated in France with a bang with their #beautyblessed social media campaign, which included the #beautifulinfraso hashtag.

On their Instagram page, the company posted the hashtag in French, which is a colloquialism for “beautiful”.

The hashtag has since been trending across the French social media platform and has even been trending in Spain, where the hashtag was also posted.

The #beautysblesses hashtag also includes a link to a Facebook page dedicated to the campaign, and it is not the first time that the brand has taken on the #blessing hashtag.

In 2015, Fenty released a range of makeup and hair products with the hashtag, which inspired the hashtag for a similar campaign in 2016.

While the hashtag has been trending, many beauty enthusiasts have expressed their appreciation for the French brand’s effort to celebrate the anniversary of their brand. 

“This is so awesome.

I feel like I’m at a Fenty store and there are so many people around me who are smiling,” one Instagram user said.”

The #blighted hashtag is so great for people who don’t know anything about makeup, but the #BeautyBlessed campaign is such a great idea,” another added.”

They have brought awareness to Fenty and to the entire beauty industry in France,” said one follower.”

So, thank you Fenty for the effort to get the hashtag out and to show that you’re still alive and well and that the #fentybeauty brand is still there and growing,” another commented. 

The #fetybeauty hashtag has also been trending around the world.

The hashtag, in English, means “beauty in french”, and it has been popular in Europe and the United States.

“Fenty Beauty is a brand I have grown up watching.

I remember watching them and being inspired by their makeup, their hair, their style,” said Mariam, a 29-year-old from the UK who is an Instagram beauty blogger.”

It’s been great to see them grow into this global brand, and now they’re so successful, so it’s nice to see their efforts reflected in the hashtag,” she added. 

#Beautyblightes hashtag was inspired by a Fety Beauty product line, which includes a hair serum and a moisturiser.

The hashtag, created by French beauty expert and social media star, Marie-Lori Leblanc, has also inspired many people to create their own #beautiesblessé campaigns.

“I’m so proud of Fenty!

It’s the perfect tribute to the first and last days of my brand and my friends who helped create it,” Leblanci wrote on Instagram.”

If you’re feeling inspired and want to celebrate, I hope you’re not alone.

I’m so thankful to all of you for sharing your love of Fety with us,” she concluded. 

For more on Fenty’s #beautYours campaign, check out the company’s Instagram page here.

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