‘It’s time for me to go’: Lidl calls for ‘new and innovative’ approach to cleaning

LIDL said on Monday it would soon be launching a new and innovative cleaning process for the UK’s iconic Christmas trees.

The German firm has pledged to change the way it cleans Christmas trees after it was criticised by the British government for using a chemical known as chlorhexidine, commonly known as Clorox.

In a letter to customers, LidLoe said the company would change its cleaning methods to allow it to avoid using the chemical.

The company, which makes the Christmas trees and has more than 30 brands in Europe, also said it would invest £1bn ($1.7bn) to build new plants and improve its supply chain.

The company is due to release a new cleaning and disinfection product in 2017.

LidLye said it had been looking at the issue since 2010, when it began testing its cleaning process and found chlorhexididyl ethers were more than 50 times more likely to cause harm than chlorine bleach.

“Our customers are concerned and we want to ensure we are able to deliver a cleaning product that is safe for the environment and for our employees,” the company said.LIDL, based in the western German city of Heidelberg, has been accused of using chlorhexidiaconate to disinfect the trees and lidded up their tops.

A spokesman for the company, Patrick Böhm, said the use of chlorhexidisone was “no longer a standard procedure” and was now part of a “process of cleaning” the trees.

“It is clear that our processes have to be completely different,” he said.

“That is why we have to change our processes.”

He said the change would mean the company could “go a long way to reduce the environmental impact” of the chemicals used.

He added that the company had been working closely with the Environment Agency to identify and remove the chemicals.

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