How to turn your beauty empire into a $100 million beauty empire

The beauty industry is a massive business and it is not just the beauty brands that are struggling.

The beauty businesses themselves are struggling as well.

According to the International Beauty Council, the global beauty industry suffered a decline in 2015 and 2016, with the industry experiencing a drop of 23% between 2015 and 2017.

The beauty industry, which is comprised of over 400 brands, employs more than 2.7 million people and is responsible for the growth of more than 100 billion dollars in global GDP.

The global beauty business accounts for nearly two thirds of global GDP and accounts for $20 billion in global retail sales annually.

With the growth comes pressure, but so does the business. 

To grow in the beauty industry means taking risks, and there are no easy answers.

The key to being successful in the industry is taking risks and investing in a new product or service.

 The beauty businesses have always had to change their strategy, so they have always been forced to look outside of their comfort zone.

However, one of the biggest changes has been the shift in what brands can and cannot do.

Beauty products have always featured in beauty salons and beauty products have been available to every woman in the world. 

Now that the beauty products are being marketed directly to consumers, the beauty businesses need to find new ways to expand their brand, new products, and new ways of marketing them.

The Beauty empire is an industry that can’t just stay the same.

It has to adapt to the times.

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