How to apply the right shade of brown to your skin

I am often asked how to apply a new colour to my skin.

For some reason, it seems to take all kinds of inspiration from the internet.

This tutorial shows you how to get the right colour on your skin using a brush and a dab of cream.

If you have a bit of time to spare, you can always try this on a bit more skin.1.

Apply a bit on your fingers and a bit off the back of your palm.

Make sure your fingertips are not touching the backside of your face or you will get some of the product on your hands.2.

Take a small dab of the cream and dab it on your fingertips.

Make it thick and dab your fingers off the base of your fingers.3.

Make the cream thicker and dab a small amount on the back side of your finger.4.

Blend the cream onto your fingers to give it a really thick consistency.5.

Apply the cream to your face and apply it with your fingertips to blend the colour onto your skin.

This is a great way to get a subtle hint of your new colour.6.

Let the colour set for 5 minutes, then apply a bit onto your cheek or forehead to get it a bit softer.7.

Let your skin feel smooth and moisturised.8.

After the cream sets, remove the cream with your fingers, using your fingers as a guide.

This will allow you to work out which colours to apply to your cheeks and forehead.

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