How to choose a beautiful quote from the beauty industry

It’s not just a quote from a beauty product, it’s a personal message.

It can also be used to highlight a woman’s unique qualities.

Here are seven quotes from beauty industry giants that you can use in your next photo shoot.


“Beauty is all about connection” from Paula Deen, “Beautiful Things” (2000)Beauty has always been about connecting, but how do you connect with someone when they aren’t there?

The beauty industry has a way of putting that in words, and here’s a few of the most popular quotes to get your creative juices flowing.


“I’m just a person with a story” from Kim Kardashian, “My Life with Kanye West” (2014) “I was raised in an abusive home where my father was abusive to me.

But I’ve learned how to love myself and to accept who I am.”

It’s a quote that says “I know what it’s like to have to be loved, but I’m just the person who’s been beaten.”


“If you love someone you can’t hide from them” from Alicia Keys, “Pray for Me” (2015) “It’s not always easy to be true to yourself, especially when you’re a girl.”

It also includes a quote of the song “Love Is All Around” from Katy Perry, “I Know You Want Me.”


“It takes a lot to be a mother” from Lady Gaga, “Love Story” (2008) “When I was pregnant, my husband was my firstborn.

I was so scared and alone.

My life turned upside down.

It took me a while to learn that love is unconditional and you can be anything you want to be.”


“The only thing I’ve been scared of is death” from Madonna, “Don’t Let Me Down” (2001) “You can’t protect everything, but you can protect everything you do.

There are no good and bad people, only people who are honest and genuine.”


“Love is love, and love is all that matters” from Taylor Swift, “1989” (2016) “Love conquers all.

I can’t believe how much more I love myself every day.”


“When it comes to love, you can do it by yourself” from Whitney Houston, “She Belongs To Me” [2013] “Love can’t be defined, it can only be experienced.

It’s the gift of an open heart.”